Is ISIS Finally Defeated?


People might wonder- “is ISIS finally defeated?”. While a person would want to be optimistic about this question, due to the fact that terror is unpleasant, however, it might not be true.


An article in Business Insider entitled “ISIS has been militarily defeated in Iraq and Syria” seems to have a more positive view on the matter. Alex Lockie writes on Nov. 21, 2017, that the leaders of Iraq and Iran say that this terrorist group has been defeated in Iraq and Syria.


However, the group still is rampant in other parts of the world. The U.S. military is making progress, but perhaps not soon enough. ISIS could be slowly charting its way for another take over of Middle Eastern States.

The Express makes mention that the Iraq PM is committed to eradicating the group. This is certainly a positive step towards demilitarizing the group. When they do not have the confidence of the Middle East, then it is clear that ISIS is losing power. Before, in 2014, the group set up their digs in Iraq and Syria. Any U.S. delegates that went there were surprised that the embassy was overthrown by this militant Islamic regime.


It has been three years since the official Middle Eastern war was waged. Islamic state in Syria’s capital Raqqa fell in September 2017. This signaled an end to the major strongholds that ISIS had built in controlling the governments of nations.


Many sources though expect that ISIS will fight back guerrilla style. This is not the end of ISIS backlash by any means. Rather, it is simply the potential beginning of their counter-attack.


Hopefully, ISIS will not attack Western states and try to overthrow the government. These nations are developed and their major religion clashes with extremist Islamic values. There could perhaps be an attempt to overthrow the values in a nation. This could be a more internal, subversive attack. This type of dominance could be considered soft power, where rich people gain control over the corporations in a nation. That is why Western nations have to be careful in who they are selling off control to. If there are even hidden ties to ISIS, then the neoliberal system could really start to exert itself.


Right now, officials do not know what to expect. The prediction is a more violent attack though that much mirror the terror attacks. However, these will be done in a war like fashion to gain control over the cities.


People who believe ISIS is defeated might be a little premature. After all, there is so much going on in the infrastructure of this group right now. Unless all the rebels are killed, the group will probably still try to gain traction. They have a strong religious mandate and believe that all infidels should be killed. In their eyes, infidels are those who do not practice the Muslim mandates. Some Muslim groups include Christians in their circle of revered, but those in ISIS do not.